Business Credit


gty_credit_report_1Entity Formation

We can help you get your entity started and off the ground. The first step in creating a business is to ensure you are registered with the State you intend to do business with. Our expert consultants will make sure all the steps are followed per your State’s requirements and all documentation is created and filed for your business. Our team of representatives will consult with you on whether you should be a Sole Proprietorship, LLC, S-Corp, or C-Corp.
We will also cover potential liabilities, tax benefits, and other things that may help your business and help you save money just by structuring your business correctly the first time!

Our research simplifies the process and will:
1. Ensure the name you select is available in your state.
2. Draft your Articles of Organization.
3. Draft your Articles of Incorporation.
4. Educate you on any State specific steps your entity needs to take.
5. File for you all the necessary documentation with your State.

Though we are experienced business consultants and credit advisors, everyone’s circumstances are different. We are not attorneys. We always recommend you seek the advice of an attorney in your state and a qualified accountant to confirm the structure of your business suits your specific business and tax situation.

Establishing Your Tax ID (EIN)

Once your entity is approved by the state, we will then help you get your Tax ID Number (EIN) from the IRS and submit all the appropriate forms for your business to be federally registered and approved by the government.

Register Your New Business with the Credit Bureaus

In order to establish your business credit it is very important to register your business with the credit bureaus as soon as your business set up is completed and approved. This is where we begin to establish credit for your business under your business name and Tax ID Number. We will need to work together hand in hand from this point forward as business accounts are set up and approved for your new business. Your participation is key in the process. WHY? Your diligence in paying all business vendor accounts EARLY is critical to determine your business credit score.

Business Plans

Whether you are seeking financing for expanding your business or just starting your company, a business plan is imperative for any company. A solid business plan is a business owner’s pathway to success. This should outline various facets of your business including:

Staffing Projections
Competitor Analysis
Risk Analysis
Size and Growth of the Industry
Financial Projections for the next 3-5 years
How much funding you need
How you plan on using your funding
Future expansion or buyout plans for the business (long-term goals)

Internet Presence

We have a team of in-house professionals who have developed business websites for our clients for the last 12 years. The online world is ever-changing and our expert team of consultants are always up to date on latest trends to help showcase your business to potential consumers but more importantly, to meet the compliance requirements of the credit bureaus.
Our consultants will:
Ensure the domain name you want is available
Register your domain name
Establish your domain email account
Build the base of your site
Provide content for your site optimized to meet the requirements of the credit bureaus
Link social media accounts to strengthen your online presence

Keep in mind, we are not a lender. However, you should consider us your personal business and credit advisor. Your success is our success. For all your customer service needs, feel free to call us directly at (877) 247-9946 for immediate help or email and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

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