Help 100’s of businesses become lender compliant, low risk entities and bankable while earning residual income. This system gives you access to 5,500 lenders and their prequalification guidelines. SBA states 99.7% of businesses are declined for loans. has the answers and helps businesses for FREE
Here are the requirements to become Qualified, Fundable and Bankable: 
* All 20 lender compliance items completed?
* A business bank rating of low 5?
* Does your business have at least 10 reporting trade lines?
* A business credit score of 70 or above?
YOUR system has all the answers to the questions that small business needs to get Bankable financing. 
A random sampling of 10,000 businesses showed only THREE (3) came back with 10 or more reporting trade lines… not 3,000  300 or even 30…but 3 out of 10,000. 
Business owners need our help.

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