We Specialize in Business Services for the Small to Medium Sized Business

Even if your business is a Startup, you CAN get the capital you need to launch your new venture.



Your Business

At StarChip 2000 you have a unique combination of business development services. We have supported small businesses from inception to expansion since 1992.

Our team brings you over 25 years of administration and project management experience from the corporate world, supported by 20 years of technology and systems development. With StarChip 2000 you will find the financing solutions for your business. Our Credit Advisors will help you incorporate, build your business credit, even repair your personal FICO score to 700+, and ultimately help you finance your business dreams.

StarChip 2000 empowers you with the resources necessary to succeed in these economic times. Our mission is to walk with you on the path you have chosen providing a myriad of services no other full service firm can offer.

We beleive in all relationships there should be a win, win for everyone. To that end, whenever you contact us we provide quality service for an affordable price. By working together we can all thrive on our pathway to freedom and success.

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